10 Steps to Marketing Your Business Online

Are you ready to increase traffic to your websites? Then it is time for you to expand your online marketing. After years of spending thousands of dollars a year marketing my childcare business in telephone book ads, flyers and radio spots, I decided to reduce my advertising cost and market my businesses online.In fact, marketing my businesses online has expanded my network, increased my book sales, landed me writing assignments and increased my business sales. In fact, I am no longer limited to doing business in my state, I am now doing business all over the world.Here are 10 Ways to market your business online:1. Facebook. This is my favorite place to market my childcare businesses, my blogs and my articles. Facebook is the place to connect and share. Moreover, when you gain the credibility of your followers your chances of winning a sale increases. Many of my Mary Kay customers are my Facebook friends. They trust me and they buy from me.2. Twitter. I love to Tweet! In fact, the more that I tweet what my followers love, I notice that my followers keep increasing. The magic to twitter seems to be to tweet often and share good information that your followers want to read. This is also a great way to share a sentence about your product or service (in 140 characters or less) and then a link to your website.3. LinkedIn. Every business professional should be on LinkedIn. Furthermore, if you want to be found, then you must create a LinkedIn account. I have landed many writing assignments on LinkedIn and networked with many like-minded business professionals. Something to think about: Your next big sale could be a simple referral from a business colleague.4. Blogging. Do you have a blog? Don’t know what to blog about? Blog about your product or service. Moreover, blog about what you know. You will gain credibility with your followers; attract consumers to your website and eventually turn them into customers with every blog post.5.YouTube. It’s time to broadcast your business on You Tube. In fact, You Tube is the third most visited site on the internet. Want website traffic? Get your business on YouTube!6. Google: Having a Google profile is a great way to share content, link your social media pages to your Google profile and create web documents to share with your customers.7. Article Marketing. Do you desire to position yourself as an expert in your field? Then it’s time to write about what you know and educate your followers with your articles. This is another great way to gain new followers and connect with other article writers.8. Scribd. This is the world’s largest social media publishing company and it is a wonderful place to upload ebooks, newsletter, business forms and sale documents.9. Slide Share. If you have created power point presentations about your product or service, Slide Share is the place to upload those business presentations and gain new followers.10. Email Marketing. According to a Double Click Survey, 91% of Adult Internet users log online everyday to read their email. So, it’s time to market your business by email!I hope that you have been inspired to Market Your Business on a variety of online platforms. Moreover, if you have ever wanted to do business on an international level, expanding the places that you market your business online is the way to doing business on an International level!

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